Our Services


Having a team of 20 seasoned Auditors, Financial and Business Analysts ZIC provides the following services to its clients:
  • Asset/FUND Management Services
  • M&A and Strategic investment advisory/ intermediary services (in-bound & out-bound)
  • Intermediation in Corporate/Trade Finance (on-shore and off-shore)
  • Financial expansion services
  • Knowledge Management Services (KMS)
  • Representative Services
  • Valuation
  • Structuring
  • Preparation Of Information Memorandum
  • Fund Raising
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Entity Incorporation Strategy
  • Business Strategy Formulation
  • Business Process Re-engineering Advisory
  • Capital Structuring And Funds Management & Reviews
  • Financial Planning & Business Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Advisory
  • Business And Share Valuations
  • CFO Outsourcing Services
  • Outsourcing Advisory Services
Global Islamic Investment banking services with exclusive privileges

Having franchised with one of India’s leading banks, we at ZIC have converted the banking facilities provided to us into an Islamic Banking Service. The interest and other non halal sources of income will be eliminated and will not disturb or hinder the banking processes of the individual. ZIC takes complete charge and responsibility to provide a complete Islamic banking service to our clients.

The unique advantage of this service is that it is not limited to our domestic clients but also caters globally to NRI’s and other international clients.
Mutual Funds

Want to take part in stock markets, but think it is too risky? Mutual funds is the best option for you. We offer diversification, optimum returns and are regulated by governing bodies like SEBI. A Sharia investor should look for equity-only funds, or equities and commodities, as bonds are non-sharia compliant due to the interest factor. We are looking forward to providing sharia compliant mutual fund services in association by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Tata AIG Life.
Capital Funding/Venture Capital

We at ZIC believe that an honourable company is that which contributes substantially to the society in significant ways. With venture capital ZIC helps potential clients embark on their business venture with ease.

Head Hunting prospective and productive business opportunities or start-ups that are looking for infusion of capital. We raise capital for potential business opportunities and look forward to building and supporting their business with our professional expertise. We also work towards shaping business opportunities for potential investors, to suit your needs.
Corporate Advisory

Corporate advisory revolves around advising an organisation on activities like mergers and acquisitions, corporate division and restructuring and other transactions that involve a change of ownership. In the sphere of investment banking this service is typically referred to as "M&A"
Real Estate

Managing our wide range of clientele we blend investment needed of our clients and merge it with the opportunities available in the Realty Market. We focus on all the major verticals of the industry including joint ventures, outright purchase and selling, brokering, rentals both commercial, residential and leasing.
Islamic call centre

With the help of an Islamic call centre, we target to give anyone and everyone assistance on all topics pertaining to Islam. It will also act as a platform to share effective & meaningful content on Islam. This will especially help overcome misconceptions and bring awareness about the nuances and poignancies underlying the religion that is a way of a life. The queries will be answered by authentic Islamic scholars of fiqh and sharia.

  • Civil Litigation
  • Civil Fraud
  • Dispute Resolution
  • International Arbitration
  • Cyber Crime & Cyber law
  • White Collar Defence
  • Regulatory & Compliance Law
  • Data Breach & Protection
  • Authorizations and Exemptions
  • Pricing Reviews
  • Business Rescues
  • Turnarounds and work-outs
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Civil & Criminal Appeals
  • International Law
  • Private Prosecutions

We at ZIC believe that an honourable company is that which contributes substantially to the society in significant ways. With venture capital ZIC helps potential clients embark on their business venture with ease. Read more
Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Portfolio management service provides clients with advice on buying or sell shares/equities or other type of securities. Depending on the type of PMS the manager can buy or sell securities on behalf of the clients. An investor individually owns the securities in a PMS portfolio, unlike a mutual fund where investors only own units of the fund and not the actual securities.

Zaryah Investment Company, offers discretionary portfolio management services. Zaryah Investment Company has a team of experts who carefully take investment decisions based on the clients objectives. The Portfolio Management team has a successful track record in the capital market.

To generate medium to long-term capital growth by identifying undervalued stocks and those with growth opportunities from a select list of well researched stocks.

To suite your investment strategy, we offer two unique type of portfolio under our Portfolio Management Services.

  • Platinum Portfolio: It invests across a wide portfolio of fundamentally strong companies in the large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks. The team works extensively to identify undervalued stocks with high growth potential and available at a reasonable price.
  • Gold Portfolio: It is positioned to invest predominantly in stocks of mid cap and Small cap companies. Our team will normally invest in stocks of mid and small cap companies that have a steady track record, quality management, good earnings, strong growth potentials, very less debt ratio, strong basics.

Minimum Investment
Rs. 25 lakhs for resident Indians and NRI's.

Risk factors As the stocks are normally held for medium to long term, the net asset value will be affected by market volatility.
Courses and Training

All professionals rise from amateurs. We at ZIC aim at developing the Financial Intelligence of every individual who aspires to grow and contribute towards creating a better world. We simplify financial intelligence and work towards guiding you, until you are able to gauge investments and make earning money your strength and not your liability.

ZIC is very soon launching a set of unique and highly reputed courses which integrate the existing curriculum in the market with a set of unique Islamic finance certifications that will help every individual gain Financial Intelligence and further help create a career in the field of Investments and Halal Financing
SIP – Systematic Investment Planning

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment vehicle offered to investors, allowing them to invest using small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. The frequency of investment is usually weekly, monthly or quarterly.

We at ZIC have commenced a new sharia compliant SIP plan for the benefit of the people who are looking forward to save on a monthly basis.
Stock Advisory

With a unique blend of technology and a dedicated team of highly intellectual advisors we at ZIC work relentlessly towards providing you with the best sharia compliant options to generate ROI based on the given market condition.