With the integration of our expert advisory and advanced technological support we use the equity market to generate investment opportunities and turn it to our client’s advantage.

Using the BSE Sharia 50 Index we trade on valued sharia compliant stocks with our proficient advisory team. Sharia law promotes equity based activities to conduct businesses more than any other modes such as debt.

In fact, currently, equity related investment products such as stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs etc. are the major Shariah compliant investment vehicles available for Islamic investors in the Indian financial sector. India offers a massive opportunity for Islamic investors with approximately 20% of the listed companies qualifying as Shariah compliant.
Real Estate
Managing our wide range of clientele we blend the investment need of our clients and merge it with the opportunities available in the Realty Market. We focus on all the major verticals of the industry including joint ventures, outright purchase and selling, brokering, rentals (commercial and residential) and leasing of properties.
Venture Capital/Capital Funding
Head Hunting prospective and productive business opportunities or start-ups that are looking for infusion of capital. We raise capital for potential business opportunities and look forward to building and supporting their business with our professional expertise. We also work towards shaping business opportunities for potential investors, to suit your needs.
Commodities (gold/silver)
National Spot Exchange Ltd. is commodity exchange for spot trading of bullions and agricultural commodities. In 2010 they came up with innovative product called E-series. The first products launched under the E-series categories were E-Gold, E-Silver and E-Copper. Later on E-Zinc, E-Lead, E-Nickel and lately E-platinum joined the wagon. These E-series products are certified by Sharia Advisory institution TASIS. These E-series products enable even small investors to invest and keep their holding in demat form. The equivalent amount of each E-series product’s unit (traded in market) is stored in the vault of NSEL in physical form. The vault is regularly inspected by TASIS to assure Sharia compliance. Investors are also provided option to take physical delivery of the E-series products.

The National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) was recently given sharia approval by TASIS. Indian Sharia Investors can now trade in e-gold, e-silver and e-copper in demat form. Investment in these commodities will help the Muslim investor to save for the future as large proportion of Muslims do not hold any bank accounts.

ZIC can help you to set up related accounts for trading in Gold, Silver and Copper. We will also advise on when to buy and sell.

Our ventures

ZIC has associated and invested on a couple of ventures and is dedicatedly working on promoting them from a start-up to a well-established organisation.

Amaanah holding company
Amaanah Holding Company is a joint initiative between the Engineering brilliance of Oiltech Group of Companies and the financial acumen of Zaryah Investment Company. Amaanah Holding Company is an Asset Management Company which currently manages assets worth millions of dollars and is currently located in 7 countries worldwide. Amaanah has created a niche for itself by integrating the engineering and the financial sector. AHC have expanded its purview from common investment techniques to also include new ethical investment strategies to cater to a wider base, giving you the freedom of choice.
PERF EDU LLP is limited liability Partnership Company incepted with joint Initiative between Professional Education and Research Foundation (PERF) and Zaryah Investment Company (ZIC) with the purpose of investing into quality Educational projects. Having a significant track record and success into education through India’s first Islamic College “Preston International College” and “Al-Fajr international School”, PERF EDU LLP currently aims to bring Islamic Education in a larger scale in the Muslim community. PERF EDU LLP will be first of its kind to have India’s first Sharia Board which is certified globally. With a team of educated and globally recognized scholars we aim to provide shariah compliant guidance and solutions to our investors.

Why This Fund?

Since 2005 onwards there has been great revival in the Muslim community to seek modern education without compromising on Islamic knowledge and values. As a result many schools and colleges have been established and successfully run by various trusts and individuals. While this being the scenario many of them are struggling without proper infrastructure and modern facilities due to constraints in availability of halal funds. PERF EDU LLP will provide a solution to this by connecting investors and educational institutions. PERF EDU LLP will invest in land and buildings and provide it on a reasonable rent to the educational institution which will lead to a win-win situation for all Insha Allah.
Venture in a box is an Entrepreneur centered program and initiative. The work begins when the individual is in the wannapreneur stage. We work on a sophisticated behaviour assessment model to understand the person better. Equipped with this data we suggest the businesses that is best suitable for him/her and develop the business model with our resources. As we understand the initial first year for the entrepreneur is very essential and creates the foundation of any successful future business here in VIAB we provide young entrepreneurs with complete support with Infrastructure, Finance and Legal, Team establishment, Marketing, Branding, Business Development, Scalability, International growth, Franchise, Supply chain and Retail development during the initial years of the inception of the company. In VIAB we ensure professional growth and support through our team of certified Auditors and Lawyers to help create a significant impact during the initial phase of the company. The intervention would be quite intense. It will be more or like a schooling system where we handle all the allied works and make the entrepreneur invest the energies into the core of the business.
Zeemrah Enterprises functions in the field of exports of pharmaceutical machinery , chemicals and raw materials. Our motto is to serve and ensure a smooth and satisfactory business to win the good will and trust of our clients and customers. We have successful track record in managing and completing the project in the promised time frame.Having grown rapidly in the past couple of years Zeemrah looks to create a niche in the market by adhering to the unique set of principles embedded in each and every individual who is a part of the Zeemrah family.
Renewable energy
ZEEMRAH ENERGY, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, was established in the year 2013 in order to provide value added solar solutions with a clear focus on quality and endeavours to be a long term partnership in all aspects of our clients. Zeemrah hopes to provide value added solution with a clear focus on quality and endeavour to be a long term partnership in all aspects of our clients and customers. We aim to achieve excellence in execution of projects that will result in quality work, delivery of products and customer satisfaction. We believe our responsibilities extend beyond business and have focused on the principle of building and implementing innovative products that drive the progress of our clients and enhance lives through enterprise solutions.
With over 1000 products and 100 brands, is Chennai’s largest online grocery store. ISUPERMARKET is the first of its kind to be incepted and head-quartered in Chennai in 2014. offers a wide variety of products across various categories including: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Grocery and Staples, Beverages, Confectionery & Dairy products, Fresh Meats, Personal Care and Household products among others.
Started by a team of highly determined individuals Ghaseel laundry has very soon grown from a start-up to well established organization. Having received tremendous response Ghaseel has established a firm feet in the laundry industry which is valued to be at 1, 25,000 Crs in India. With a perpetual thirst for success and an aim to be the market leaders, Ghaseel laundry is being hailed as the pioneer in the laundry industry by integrating high quality laundry with state-of-the-art technology.